Heroes of Windsong seal

Once upon a time, yes, a very long time ago

A queen of a shining land called on unlikely heroes

And so they saved their world!


The New Heroes of Windsong are a trio of Windian locals who came across and fused with Diamas Harmonia shards on their own, and were then chosen by Faroku to replace the deceased Old Heroes. The leader of the trio is Capilla, while the other two members are Cindy and Mahogany. Their pet is the eldritch being Zal'xon. While their group is much less harmonious and perfect than the Old Heroes were, they do their job fairly well, protecting Windsong from evil.

Capilla holds the power of the Harmonia Carnelian, Mahogany, the Harmonia Citrine, and Cindy, the Harmonia Aquamarine. Each one has their gem on a different part of their body; Capilla's is on her chest, Mahogany's is on her belly and Cindy's formed into her small wings. Unlike the eye-symbols of the original Heroes (who had fused so harmoniously with their gems that they were not visible), each of the New Heroes has their symbol etched into their gem. Capilla's is a heart, like Akira's, Mahogany's is a stylized hornet head and Cindy's is a simplified bat wing.

The Old Heroes of Windsong were a trio of Windian locals who were called upon by Sirenne long ago, to save Windsong from the then-endless power of Elidra Gerathos. The leader of the trio was Akira, while the other two members were Phantasm and Orianne. Their pet was Zaedhuth (Labra in the True Heroes' Timeline). They formed a perfect combination of power, speed, and intellect. In Windsong's current time of peace, they served as protectors of the island and kept evil where it belongs.

They were designated as the Heroes of Windsong long ago, when the magic-infused gems they were sent to gather- now identified as pieces of the ancient, now-destroyed Diamas Harmonia- chose them in their darkest hour, after being shattered. Akira was chosen by the Harmonia Peridot, Phantasm, the Harmonia Fire Opal, and Orianne, the Harmonia Sapphire. The largest shard from each jewel fused with each member's body, holding fragments of the Diamas Harmonia's boundless magic within them and amplifying the powers the three already had. A symbol associated with each one could be seen in one of their eyes- Akira's is her left eye, but in the other two it's their right eye. The peridot's symbol is a heart, the fire opal's symbol is a pawprint, and the sapphire's symbol is a gear.

As of the Heroes' death, their shards have formed into the Harmonia Constructs Peridot, Fire Opal and Sapphire.