Angie: Lol just a cool day at Tastyville.

Mindy: You bet!

Taylor: Guys, is it just me or did Angie's wing poster tilt?

Clover: Yes it did.

Ground shakes

All: Whoa!!

Papa: Oh God the pizzeria is tilting!

Pauly: NOOOOO! My Pepper shop!

Pauly's pepper gets crushed, and Pauly dies

Mindy: My Salon!

It breaks a little.

Penny: Alberto Wake up

Mindy and Alberto: *Passes Out*

The Apartment of Maggie

Maggie: Omg Carlo. EARTHQUAKE!!!!!


Akari: Guys, this is bad.

Prudence: Pickle, out of the bag.

The bag flies across the room and lands on Cooper's head

Cooper: Oh god *passes out*

Cookie: Meow?

Pickle: Arf?

After the Quake

Angie: Phew, it's over

Mindy: And we're straight up!

Maggie: And Pauly's Pepper is crushed!

Cooper: Cookie's alive!

Alberto: Mindy's salon is repaired

All: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Angie, Clover, Mindy, Alberto, Taylor, and Chuck. Mindy and Alberto passed out, and Clover's hair isn't up
  • Cooper, Prudence, Maggie, Carlo, Akari, Cookie, and Pickle