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Sallia Sanctumus






Air Nymph

Status as Customer


Sallia Sanctumus is an Air Nymph living in Magirus. She was once the greatest air nymph in existence, as she can blow about fifty hurricanes all at once. For a time, she remained glorius, until a young nymph named Zwick challenged her into a duel. She lost, having unable to defend herself once Zwick started his attacks, so that's pretty much it. She is now living a normal life, and she denies the fact she lost to a kid. If someone ever brings up the incident, expect a few tornadoes coming at you.

Likes drinking energy drinks, mainly, cocoa tea. Dislikes people who are weak in their own fields.


Sallia wears a simple one-strap top, pants, a pair of armwarmers and gartered socks. As far as everyone knows, she wears almost entirely cyan, and her hair is kept to its normal state, cobalt blue, and sorta messy.


Sallia started off as a young student, naive to be even considered a student. She started rough, with only a few spells thrown successfully. So she worked hard to get her way to the top, and she would always say, "I want to gain good experiences even though I'm not a victor," when she joins a contest. After defeating the most powerful air nymph there was on Magirus, she had taken up his title, and became well-known for her actions.


  • "It's not when you go winning that you get happy, but when you experience the happiness you get from your experience."
  • "A victor is not decided when somebody wins, it's when somebody loses."
  • "I-I c-can't believe i-it... Why have I-I l-lost...."


  • Originally owned to CookiesandCream (BlackberryAndRaspberries's old account), but was adopted by PsychicEspeon.
  • Usually, she sounds really determined to win a match, making her seem like Sakamaki Izayoi.


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