Rebecca is a girl who works at the wingeria. Her best friend is Margie. She hates her twin bro Daniel. She first appeared in Papa Louie: WBA!

Pizza: 10 onions all around, 1 olive, half a meter, 4ths

Burger: Bun, Cheese, Onion, Cheese, Onion, Cheese, Medium Patty, Bun (Same for all 3 versions)

Taco: Pork, Pita, verde sauce, tomatoes, cheese, cheese, nacho sauce

Freezeria: Small, Strawberries, Chocolate Syrup, Smooth, Cream, tropical charms, chocholate chips, tropical charms, cherry

Pancakeria: 4 waffles, chocholate chips, 4 strawberries, Small Milk with Cocoa

Wings: 7 wild onion strips, 7 fries, 3 awesome sauces
The new rebecca

Rebecca's new look

Hot Dogs: Bun, Keilbasa, salsa, salsa, cheese, cheese, pickle, pickle, Small  Dr. Cherry, Small Cinnamon Swirl

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