Step right up to the new, rebooted Prince Boy! 

This is a male FC-only tournament to determine the popularity level of male FCs from everyone on the wiki! Originally hosted by Scheila and thrown together hastily to replace a Princess Girl spinoff, it's now hosted by Dengo, with Misuya joining him on every season that is a multiplier of 4 (next up is Season 8). Originally named The Points Boys, but name was changed after Scheila abandoned the tournament. 

Two characters will be pitted against each other in each round, knockout tournament style. In the end, one boy will be crowned Prince Boy!


  • One FC per person per season. Male FCs only! Eight FCs total per season (two more than previous seasons, to accomodate the new knockout tournament format).
  • Provide a link to your FC. Sign-up is automatic and first come, first serve.
  • Voting is on the Announcements and Polls page.
  • Winners of each season are in bold.
  • Voting starts after the slots are full.
  • Page is protected to prevent tampering.

Current Season

Sixth Season

Past Seasons

First Season (Signups Closed)

Second Season (Signups Closed)

Third Season (Signups Closed)

Fourth Season (Signups Closed)

Fifth Season (Signups Closed)