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Lyndsey (Not to be confused with Lindsay from Total Drama) is Angie's daughter.
She has Chuck's DNA. She is friends with Bridgette, and she hates Heather. Her f

Lyndsey's New look in Pancakeria

avorite holiday is Valentine's Day. She is allergic to Fish and Shellfish.


Pizza: 5 sausages all around, 5 olives all around, 2 peppers all around, bake for 10 m. 4ths

Burger: Bun, Medium Patty, Well-Done Patty, Lettuce, Ketchup, Mustard, Bun

Burger HD: Bun, Pepperjack Cheese, American Cheese, Swiss Cheese, Awesome Sauce, Medium Patty, Bun

Taco: Soft, Pork, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, white rice, cheesem, lettuce

Sundae: Medium Mint with Yum & Ms, Regular, Whipped Cream, Chocolate Chips, Chocolate Chips, Sprinkles, 2 cherries, 1 gummi onion

Pancakeria: 2 bacon waffles, 4 butters, 4 bananas, syrup, honey, whipped cream, Small Cranberry Juice with Ice

Wingeria: 2 medium boneless, 2 green peppers, 2 celeries, 2 carrots, 2 fries, 2 awesome sauces
It's another Collab

Hotdoggeria: Chicago Bun, Cheddarwurst, cheese, mushrooms, cheese, wild onion sauce, pickle, bacon, Medium Lemon Mist, Small Red Hot Popcorn

Cupcakeria: Liner D, Strawberry Cake, Cupcake 1: Violet Frosting, Strawberry Drizzle (Watermelon Drizzle), Chocolate Chips (XOXO Sprinkles), Cherry (Frosted Rose), Marshmallow (Chocolate Strawberry, Cherry (Frosted Rose), Cupcake 2: Sunglow/Yellow Frosting, Strawberry Drizzle, Coconut Shavings (XOXO Sprinkles), 3 Cloudberries (Heart Candies)

Pastaria: Ravioli (Valentini), Garlic Basil (Heartbeet Arrabbiata), Italian Seasoning (Spiced Saffron), 9 Grilled Chicken Strips (Cherry Tomatoes), Poppyseed Roll

Donuteria: ABSENT

Cheeseria: Three Cheese Bread (Beetbread), Marble Colby Cheese (Red Windsor Cheese), Mustard (Strawberry Vinegarette), Lettuce (Sun-Dried Tomatoes), Honey Mustard, Olives, French Fries with Ketchup

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