Leila is a young girl who likes to play Cut The Rope.

Favorite holidays: Thanksgiving (Cupcakeria), Gondola 500 (Pastaria), New Year (Donuteria)

Her orders

Pizzeria: 6 green peppers, 6 onions, 30 minutes, cut in 8.Orders:

Burgeria: bottom bun, well done patty, cheese, onion, mustard, top bun.

Burgeria HD: bottom bun, well done patty, swiss cheese, bacon, onion ring, awesome sauce, top bun.

Taco Mia!: pita, pork, peppers, verde sauce, jalapenos, black beans, loco mystery sauce.

Freezeria: large rainbow sherbet (if not unlocked will be mint) with pineapples, chunky blend, whipped cream, blueberry syrup, mint shavings, mint shavings.

Pancakeria: 3 pecan waffles, whipped cream, sugar, cinnamon, honey.

Wingeria: 3 parmesan wings, 3 teriyaki wings, 3 wasabi wings, awesome dip, mango chili dip, kung pao dip, zesty pesto dip. drink: cranberry juice in large cup with ice.

Hot Doggeria: veggie dog in pretzel bun with pineapple relish, mayo, wild onion sauce, and 3 tomatoes. pop: large hyper green. popcorn: large cinnamon swirl.

Cupcakeria: Carrot cake, liner D. Both cupcakes: Orange frosting, pumpkin pie drizzle, autumn leaves sprinkles, 3 harvest stripe cookies

Freezeria HD: Medium cup, Cake mixable, pumpkin pie syrup, regular blend, whip cream, mint shavings, 3 waffle cone wedges

Pastaria: Al dente radiatori, creamy alfredo, garlic rush, 5 fried calamari, 2 fried ravioli, 2 prosciutto. Crescent roll

Freezeria To Go: Large cup, tutti frutti syrup, marshmallows, regular blend, maui meringue, white chocolate topping, coconut shavings, 2 strawberry wafers far apart

Donuteria: 3 regular ring donuts. Donut 1: Tutti frutti jelly, midnight powder, flavor X drizzle, countdown crunch. Donut 2: Vanilla icing, creameo drizzle. Donut 3: Midnight powder, flavor X drizzle, countdown crunch.

Wingeria HD: 4 blazeberry tofu skewers, 4 parmesan tofu skewers, 4 potato skins, 4 curly fries, blue cheese, ranch, kung pao, awesome sauce.

Likes: Cut The Rope, Mint Shavings, Rainbow Sherbet Syrup, Pineapples

Dislikes: When Ninjoy steals her Cut The Rope CD

Friends: Clover, Nick, Yippy

Enemies: Xandra, Xolo, Ninjoy


Papa's Pizzeria: 21 (HARD)

Papa's Burgeria: 43 (CHALLENGING)

Papa's Burgeria HD: 44

Taco Mia!: 35 (HARD)

Freezeria: 11 (EASY)

Pancakeria: 42 (before Papa Louie) (CHALLENGING)

Wingeria: 24 (MEDIUM)

Hot Doggeria: 53 (CHALLENGING)