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Julianna is a Polish-American girl. She plays the snare drum, the piano, and the violin. Her best friends are Alyssa and Lauren. She debuted in Burgeria.

New Look


Julianna Grew Up in Burgerburgh. She loves music, and plays piano, drum, and violin. Sometimes she experiments with other instruments, but the results are often... interesting. When she's not playing music, she likes playing Minecraft.


Burger: Bun, Medium Patty, Ketchup, Lettuce, Pickle Pickle, Mustard, bun

Burger HD: Bun, Medium Patty, Ketchup, Lettuce, Mushrooms, Pickle, Bun

Taco:Soft, Pork, lettuce, nacho sauce, jalapenos, pinto beans, brown rice, verde sauce, guacamole

Freezeria: Large Cup, Creameo Bits, Vanilla Syrup, Regular, Cream, nuts, blueberry topping, butterscotch topping, banana in the middle

Pancakeria: 3 Pecan Toasts, syrup, blueberry syrup, cinnamon, sugar, 3 butters, Large Milk with Cocoa.

Wingeria: 6 atomic shrimps, 10 green peppers, 4 awesome sauces

Hotdoggeria: Bun, Keilbasa, ketchup, mustard, pineapple relish, hot sauce, Medium Lemon Mist, Large Kettlecorn

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