Jenette is an artist and is Kevin's wife.


Jenette wears a dark purple t-shirt, jeand with black belt and blck shoes with brown laces. She also wears a hat and glasses.


Jenette is an artist and fashion designer. She is very happy with her job, because she can often stay at home and do her "work". In the house, there is particular room that is only for Jenette. All her painting materials and finished pantings are stored in this room. Interestingly, she never sells her paintings and just stores them. She does not even show her paintings to anyone, unless someone asks for it. Kevin feels too sad thinking that so many years have passed they're married, yet she did not draw a portrait of him. Even Jenette never showed interest in drawing his picture. But she has painted portraits of many other people like her friends and neighbors. She often hears that she's pretty and looks young, probably that is the reason why she wears fake glasses and never wears makeup.


  • "No... I don't want to sell that painting..."
  • "Kevin! You are becoming a year old every single day!"
  • "I love to relax!"