Jacob is a vampire in Tastyville. His best friends are David and Jessie. He doesn't suck blood, but he does to very evil people. He also likes red orders. His wife is Lauren, and his children are Aiden and Hannah He is a descendant of Dracula. He is fluent in Romanian. His favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, but in Papa's Cheeseria, it is Portallini Feast. He is always a closer (or last customer in Pizzeria/Burgeria), because he can't go out during the day (Lauren can, because she is "half" vampire).

He Is a Good Friend of Flandre Scarlet, since both are Vampires. Somewhat he hates a Bit Remilia but nobody Knows Why. He HATES Kagerou Imaizumi who is a werewolf.


Pizzeria: 8 Pepperonis to the Left, cook 1/4, Cut into 8ths

Burgeria: Bottom Bun, Tomato, Tomato, Rare Patty, Rare Patty, Lettuce, Top Bun

Taco Mia: Soft Taco, Steak, Mild Sauce, Tomatoes, Hot Sauce, Pinto Beans, Nacho Cheese

Freezeria: Medium Cup, Cookie Dough, Strawberry Syrup, Normal Blend, Whipped Cream, Tropical Charms, Strawberry Topping, Chocolate Topping, 3 Cherries on Top

Pancakeria: Pecan Waffle, Pecan Waffle, Pecan French Toast, 4 Strawberries (The Butter is a Mistake in the Picture), Chocolate Chips, Large Tea with Sugar

Wingeria: 4 Atomic Boneless all around, 3 Red Peppers to the Right, 3 Carrots to the Right

Hot Doggeria: Pretzel Bun, Keilbasa, Marinara Sauce, Fajita Peppers, 3 Tomatoes, Medium Fizzo, Large Kettle Corn

Cupcakeria: Liner B, Red Velvet Cake, Cupcake 1: Black Frosting, Strawberry Drizzle, Chocolate Chips, Rock Candy (Autumn Leaves Sprinkles), 3 Marshmallows (Chocolate Acorns), Cupcake 2: Sunglow Frosting, Chocolate Drizzle (Pumpkin Pie Drizzle), Rainbow Sprinkles, Coconut Shavings, 3 Nutty Butter Cups (Feather Cookie)

Pastaria: TBA

Donuteria: TBA

Cheeseria: TBA