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July 4, 2014



Favorite Fictional Characters (Fan Customers) Tournament, or better known as Favorite FC Tournament, is an ongoing tournament in the Flipline Forums, hosted by PsychicEspeon. The tournament currently has two seasons.


Season One

Season Two

Season Three


  • Season One: Samoa def. Maryssa: After Maryssa was defeated by Samoa, it was a great shock of the members of Demons of Despair affiliation. But, Julia is impressed at Samoa, that she grown up stronger than ever, so Julia fought against Samoa for this time only. However, Samoa's efforts go down as Julia is actually stronger, Samoa ended up fainting. Julia still recognized her as "the Champion of Season 1" even lost against her, thus walking to Season Two afterwards.
  • Season Two: Julia def. Treble: Suzanna Shukuba started the congratulation program at the Cortonith Island, at Heartsorrow. All people can go there free and Julia managed to uncover Radley Madish and pushed him to the police, Dmac and Jenna, and sent him to the jail. But during the congratulation program led by Suzanna's Band, however, Meredith fled the scene because of evildoings.



  • Second tournament hosted by Psycho.