• JK55556

    Wiki Staying Open

    November 9, 2018 by JK55556

    The founder of this wiki, Fluffy Eevee323, messaged me. She requested that the wiki stays open, so I agreed. This wiki will STAY OPEN.

    This means that you can keep all your customers and games on this wiki. However, AnimatronixXD, Roman6767, and JohnDavid1188, the three main active users on this wiki have left for the following reasons:

    • AnimatronixXD - Moved to Flipline Fan Customers Wiki
    • Roman6767 - Left all wikis for a while
    • JohnDavid1188 - Moved to Flipline Fan Customers Wiki

    So you do NOT need to move your pages off the wiki. You still can, but you don't have to. If you've already moved to another wiki, you can stay there or come back to this wiki. It's your choice.

    Remember, the three current active Flipline fanon wikis are:

    • Flipline Fan Customers W…
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  • JK55556

    Wiki Closing

    November 8, 2018 by JK55556

    Hello everyone,

    If you don't know me, I am JK55556, the founder of Flipline Fan Customers Wiki.

    In an agreement between AnimatronixXD (formerly Anthony045), it has been decided that this wiki is going to be closed. 

    Why, you may ask?

    1. The wiki is not active at all. Very few edits, if any at all, are made on a daily basis. Most users who want to create fanon games and customers go to bigger and more advanced wikis that exist.
    2. There's only one fanon wiki for Star Wars. There's only one fanon wiki for Harry Potter. So why are there 5+ fanon wikis for Flipline? That doesn't make sense. The number of Flipline fanon wikis needs to go down in order to maintain an environment that is friendly for all users.

    This wiki will be closed in late December. So, …

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  • JohnDavid1188


    August 12, 2018 by JohnDavid1188

    Hi, I'm John, I'm from Venezuela, I'm new to Wikia, thank you for receiving me. I'm a super fan and I love Flipline.

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  • Anthony045

    Holiday Backgrounds

    August 6, 2018 by Anthony045

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  • Roman6767

    My Characters

    March 16, 2018 by Roman6767
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  • Geillade12


    October 31, 2017 by Geillade12
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  • Spiky Eared Pichu

    To newer users just reading this - Hello, ni hao, hola, privyet, or any other greeting. My name is Spiky Eared Pichu. For about three years, I used to be a contributing member to this wiki, an administrator, and a regularly active user. However, around 2015, I soon lost interest and decided to move on from the wiki, finding different passions and interests. As of now, I am an aspiring artist currently on sites such as deviantart. Now you're probably going to ask me this - How did you go from having a large interest in the Papa Louie series and then straying from it? Here, I'll describe it from the start.

    During the summer of around 2012, I was in school one day, just browsing educational games, when I stumbled across Papa's Freezeria. Curio…

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  • Animatronix045

    Girls Kcp2013

    March 26, 2017 by Animatronix045
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    My Customers

    February 11, 2017 by КОРНИ
    • Aida
    • Laura
    • Heather
    • Hidey
    • Jessie
    • Kiara
    • Lesli
    • Danny
    • Aqua
    • Hanna
    • Zira
    • Shantal
    • Natasha
    • Regina
    • Lira B
    • Mishela
    • Mellanie
    • Nako
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  • Bleeding Emeralds


    January 9, 2017 by Bleeding Emeralds


    Lately you haven't been seeing me on this wiki. Why? Well, I'm doing my own things now with my oc's. So I guess this is goodbye. I'm still fiddling around with my new oc's in a diffrent wikia that is mine. None of my oc's are up for adoption so leave them alone, they still belong with me. Don't bother asking for one, because the answer is no. What was I doing when I was gone? I was expanding my oc's world. Their history is made and the oc's like Princess Poison Cherry and Venom Cherry? They have their own children now. Prince Toxic Cherry and Prince Cyanide Cherry. And Bittercherry? Well... She has her own children with her bloody thorny husband, but that's in another wikia not here. :) 

    So anyhoo. I'm leaving this wiki because I need…

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  • Ethan Gaming


    November 27, 2016 by Ethan Gaming

    Feel free to make all my characters on Chibi Style as possible. Thanks!


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  • Filpline12211221


    November 20, 2016 by Filpline12211221
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  • Filpline12211221


    November 19, 2016 by Filpline12211221

    sad my birthday must come to a end,but the're is more to this year

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  • Filpline12211221

    today is the day

    November 18, 2016 by Filpline12211221

    it's my birthday today

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  • Filpline12211221

    just wait for the next day

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  • Filpline12211221

    i'm unblock at last

    November 15, 2016 by Filpline12211221

    it has been 7 days to be blocked now i'm unblocked

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  • Filpline12211221

    sad news

    September 22, 2016 by Filpline12211221

    i have 7 days off of wiki

    but i will be backe in 7 days

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  • Filpline12211221

    my 1st update

    September 13, 2016 by Filpline12211221


    i go to the park on last week as i get fans to get up in it bye bye

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  • Christina the super girl


    September 7, 2016 by Christina the super girl

    Vote my enteries------>

    I will vote you guys too

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  • Imagoat

    Please Vote!

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  • MendoMan56

    It seems that this wiki was active alot, and now it feels that i am the only one on it. I dont know if this wiki is dead. Is anyone still here?

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  • MendoMan56

    (note: the story from episode 5 will be continued later.....or not)

    Deborah: Alright! I'm done with history class! Whats next?

    Zoey: PE.

    Deborah: Uh oh.

    (In PE)

    Rickworth: OK! Today you will run 4 laps around this entire gym!

    Everyone: (sigh)

    Rickworth: (TWEET) LETS GO!


    Deborah: Argh! My lega are so stiff!

    Zoey: Why is Rickworth being so hard on us suddenly?

    Liam: She wants us to pass the fitness exam.

    Deborah: Wow. She must be putting You to the test even worse!

    Liam: Kind of... My mom wants me to wrestle her alot.

    Zoey: Jeez. You must get exasted everyday.

    Liam: Ya think?

    Random Student: Guys! Corolina just beat up Jaymen!

    Zoey: Are you serious? Thats crazy!

    Randy(name for random person): Yea! Carol kept kicking him and socking him in the face!


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  • MendoMan56


    ???: (Sneaks in file room)

    ???: Hmmmm. (Opens cabinet)

    (Alarm blares)

    ???: Oh crap!

    Principal: (wakes up) Gasp! An intruder! (On PA system) Attention. We have an intruder. Please Go in your room and lock it up immediatly.

    (In rooms)


    Liam: Calm down....

    (In file room)

    Principlal: (Walks in file room) Stop right there!

    Sourcherry: Try and catch me! PBHTTTT!! (jumps out window)

    Principal: NO! The files! Stolen! This is bad.

    (The next day)

    Zoey: Come on Debbie! The principal is holding an important assembly!

    Deborah: On a Saturday?

    Zoey: Yeah. It sucks.

    (Everyone sits and calms)

    Principal: I called you all for a very, very, VERY important issue. Last night, an intruder broke in the file room and stole many important docume…

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  • MendoMan56

    (Bell rings)

    Zoey: Deb, stop stalling! We have to get to class!

    Deborah: Hold on, gosh.

    Zoey: Ugh!

    Deborah: Ok. I'm ready.

    (In class)

    Mr. Larson: Today, you will be assigned a group project about the Vietnam war.

    Student A: YES!

    Student B: Awesome!

    Deborah: I hate group projects! I always have to work by myself!

    Ronette: I'll work with you Debbie!

    Deborah: NO!

    Zoey: Well, this is a group project.

    Deborah: Oh, I'll find someone to work with! Liam!

    Liam: .......

    Deborah: I don't care what you have to say, you're gonna work with me!

    Liam: But....

    Deborah: NO BUTS!

    Liam: sigh..


    Deborah: Ok! I got all the supplies! You do research and other stuff! Get to it!

    Liam: But.... this is a group project.

    Deborah: I know! I'm not stupid! I SAID GET TO IT!

    Liam: Sigh..…

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  • Bleeding Emeralds

    *Blows a party horn*

    Toot toot!! 

    Hey, Everybody!! Today is the first anniversary of joining this Wiki!! I can't believe a whole year flew by already!! Thanks for all the help and being so awesome!! :D

    I just wanted to make this blog post to tell you about today. 

    ~Love Bleeding Emeralds. :)

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  • ThatMinecrafterDJ

    I'M BACK!

    April 8, 2016 by ThatMinecrafterDJ

    I've been Inactive for months now. But now that I'm back, I could finally be active again! but anyways HELLO PEOPLE! THIS IS DJ! I'M BACK!!!

    The Aloha Dude, DJcraft789 (talk) 05:30, April 8, 2016 (UTC)

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  • Naren3000

    Flipdeck Cards

    March 26, 2016 by Naren3000

    I will be making flipdecks for customers in Papa's Biscuiteria. This is it.

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  • Dawn14




    You probably already read the title, but, I... am just... broken. I have been stressed for years. I have not relaxed since the 1st grade. Having a brother who abuses you certainly does not help.

    I guess this is also the time to tell you guys something. I was not born on January 5th, 1999. I was instead born on January 5th... 2003. I am 13 years old, and through these 14 years in my life (including when I was "0" years old), I have had to de…

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  • VintagePineapple

    Don't reply, this is for my Bakeria Blog on the Forum. For some reason, perfects are more common than in Cheeseria. EDIT: Added Peggy's Perfect (03/18/16)

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  • Bleeding Emeralds

    ERROR 404. Techno Cherries name giver not found.

    Hello, everyone!! It's me again. Well this blog post is about Techno Cherries name and who gave it to her. Because a lot of a-may-zing users, wiki user have given me names for fc's... I know who gave me Techno, but I don't know who gave me the name. Whoever you are, tell me please. 

    Thank You!! :D

    ~Bleeding Emeralds. 

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  • Christina the super girl

    As you know I am semi-active on forum as well as this wiki. Now a days I spend my time on Teen Titans Go Wiki!

    Now I have decided to be on this wiki actively so lets start!

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  • Luvsomethings1440


    January 22, 2016 by Luvsomethings1440

    Johnie is it a Customer

    He Debuted in Hot Doggeria

    Hometown : Fort Onion

    Likes : Music

    Hates : Drinking mecidine

    Occuption : DJ and Papa's Juiceria Worker

    He Favorite Season : Pirate Bash (Cupcakeria) Romano Wedding (Pastaria) Sky Ninja Returns (Donuteria)

    Maple Mornings (Cheeseria and Cupcakeria HD) Big Top Carnival (Cupcakeria To Go!) Groovstock (Bakeria)

    Hot Doggeria:

    Kielbasa in Pretzel Bun

    Marinara Sauce



    Fajita Pepper

    3 Sport Pepper



    Large Root Beer

    Large Cinnamon Swirl


    Liner C

    Vanilla Cake

    Cupcake 1 :

    Orange Frosting

    Blueberry Wave Drizzle (Vanilla Drizzle)

    Rock Candy

    Shaved Coconut

    Gummy Kraken (Nutty Butter Cup)


    Gummy Kraken (Nutty Butter Cup)

    Cupcake 2 :

    Black Frosting

    Rainbow Sprinkles

    Cannonball Gum (Chocochips)

    Shaved …

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  • ThatMinecrafterDJ

    Meh Pictures!

    January 7, 2016 by ThatMinecrafterDJ

    Hey Guys! DJ here! So today i'm staying on this wiki for a week to help out, And you know what? I'm going to show you these pictures i made for flipline studios 3 years ago...

    I wrote in Flipline Studios Wiki

    I wrote in Flipline Fancition

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  • MendoMan56

    Martha: So we go to your dorm and get the jar of bees?

    Deborah: Yep! And when Carol opens her locker, she'll freak out!

    Martha: Isn't Carol allergic to bees?

    Deborah: Exactly!

    Martha: Man I don't Carol. She kicked dirt on me and called me a dork.

    Deborah: That's why were doing this.

    Martha: Man I can't wait to see Carol when she opens her locker!

    Deborah: (Goes to dorm and gets bees)

    Deborah: What? What hapeened to my bees?!

    Principal: Right here. (Holds jar of bees)

    Deborah: How did you get in the room? I thought we could only get in using out student id cards.

    Principal: I have the master room card. Which means I can get in any room. Students have reported that you have been doing bad things to them. 

    Deborah: I'm pretty sure they werent "bad".


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  • MendoMan56

    (Bell rings)

    Zoey: Come on Deb! 3rd period is gonna start!

    Deborah: Wait. Just watch Velocity open her backpack!

    Velocity: (Opens backpack and a tarantula crawls out.) AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

    Deborah: HAHAHA!!!! Oh! I just love messing with Velocity!

    Zoey: Get over here! I don't want detention because of you!

    Deborah: Ok im coming.

    (3rd period)

    Mr. Larson: I hope you all studied because the World War 2 test is today.

    Deborah: I'm prepared!

    Zoey: You barely studied!

    Deborah: Not my fault. You studied with Makenzie and left me alone. But I eventually studied this morning! I read read Chapter 4-6 3 times! Theres no way ill fail!

    Carolina: The test is on Chapter 7-9 dork.

    Deborah: .....oh.

    (Does test and 3rd p…

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  • MendoMan56

    (6:30 am)

    Deborah: (snoring)

    Zoey: WAKE UP!!!!

    Deborah: Dag nabit Zoey. Why do you have to make me up this early?

    Zoey: I want to be early to class for once!

    Deborah: Pshhh. We've been late so many times, the teacher doesn't even care anymore.

    Zoey: Whatever. Im gonna got get dressed.

    Deborah: Ok, do whatever. (Goes back to sleep)

    (8:15 am)

    Ms.(I'll name the rest of the teachers later.): Hmmm. Zoey, wheres Debby? 

    Zoey: Well, she kind of fell out of bed and broke her arm. She's in the hospital.

    Ms.?.She overslept again?

    Zoey: Yea.

    Deborah: Hey, sorry im late.

    Ms.?: That's the 4th time you were late for 2 weeks. What is going on with you?

    Deborah: Hey can't a girl have some sleep?

    Carolina: She probably oversleeps because she dreams about Dorkland.


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  • Rebecca Almeidinha

    I'm an image more ... So I decided to make a Collab!

    The picture is the same as the main page... But with three characters unless, minor edit in a arm and from behind forward.

    Sign ups is closed!


    1. Candice (Azuki)
    2. Sharona (VP)
    1. Smart Cherry (Cherry Fan!)


    1. Zephyr (imagoat)
    2. Mechanic (
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  • Bleeding Emeralds

    Merry Cherry Christmas!!

    Merry Cherry Christmas my cherry, berry buddies!!


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  • PsychicEspeon

    The Second Coming

    December 24, 2015 by PsychicEspeon

    ok im back here jsyk to fix a lot in my fcs pages and be an active mod/chef as well

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  • Fluffy Eevee323


    December 23, 2015 by Fluffy Eevee323

    Hello, FPLC wiki, I just want you to know that I will be taking a break from the wiki. Fear not! I am not permanently leaving, but I might not edit until around Bakeria. Thank you!

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  • Luvsomethings1440

    Tournament 3rd

    December 14, 2015 by Luvsomethings1440




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  • Rebecca Almeidinha

    I don't knows do template... Some can made a template to Emoção Mythos to me?

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  • Luvsomethings1440

    Tournament 2nd

    December 11, 2015 by Luvsomethings1440

    Hi Welcome! Im Added a Tournaments You Can Register We Need 16 Boy and 16 Girl But there should be a Picture

    ? vs ?

                      ? vs ?

    ? vs ?

    Cookie Division          ? vs ?

    ? vs ?

                  ? vs ?

    ? vs ?

                                                            ? vs ?

    ? vs Panvuan

                ? vs ?

    ? vs ?

    Pineapple Division    ? vs ?

    ? vs ?

               ? vs ?

    ? vs Chet

                                                                            ? vs ?                                                                 ? Winner

    ? vs ?

                    ? vs ?

    ? vs ?

    Marshmallow Division  ? vs ?

    ? vs ?

                  ? vs ?

    ? vs ?

                                                   ? vs ?

    ? vs ?

                ? vs ?

    ? vs ?

    Blueberry Division  ? vs ?

    ? vs ?

               ? vs ?

    ? vs Mas…

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  • Luvsomethings1440


    December 9, 2015 by Luvsomethings1440

    Shea vs Coryella

    Shea vs Irene

    Angelina vs Irene

    Cloudberry Division             Zev vs Irene

    Dave vs Lanny

                         Zev vs Lanny

    Zev vs Carlos                                                                   Irene vs Malva

    Abigail vs Akiko

                            Malva vs Akiko

    Malva vs Akane

    Cherry Division                   Digit vs Malva

    Calvin vs Samuel

                             Calvin vs Digit

    Caden vs Digit                                                                                        Malva vs Kassem           KASSEM WINS!!!!

    Ann vs Kennedy

    Alina vs Ann

    Alina vs Alegra

    Crameo Division                   Billy Bob vs Alina

    Billy Bob vs Jacob

                             Billy Bob vs Corey

    Evan H. vs Corey Alina vs Kassem

    Cotton vs Arizona

                            Arizona vs T…

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  • Luvsomethings1440


    December 5, 2015 by Luvsomethings1440

    Alfredo is a Boy Favorite Holidays is Starlight Jubilee(Cupcakeria) Gondola500(Pastaria) Sky Ninja Returns(Donuteria) Portallini Feast(Cheeseria)



    4x Pepperoni all around

    6x Slice


    Bottom Bun



    Well-Done Patty





    Top Bun


    Large Cup


    Rainbow Sherbet Syrup

    Smooth Blend

    Chocolate Whipped Cream

    Butterscoth Topping



    Mint Shaving

    Gummy Onion,Nutty Butter Cup,Gummy Onion

    Taco Mia!



    Sour Cream




    Loco Mystery Sauce


    Wafle with Chocochips

    Whipped Cream



    Large Orange Juice with Ice


    8 Teriyaki Boneless (All Around)

    Hot Doggeria

    Pretzel Bun


    Hot Sauce


    3 Sport Pepper



    Medium Tangerine Pop

    Medium Chocolate Corn


    Liner D

    Kiwi C…

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  • Luvsomethings1440


    December 5, 2015 by Luvsomethings1440
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  • Luvsomethings1440



    Liner D

    Blueberry Cake

    Cupcake 1:

    Violet Frosting

    Cotton Candy Drizzle(Chocolate Drizzle in Other Holidays)

    Jelly Beans(Crameo Bits in Other Holidays)

    Lollipop Bits

    Bunny Ear Candy,Nutty Butter Cups,Bunny Ear Candy(No)

    Cupcake 2:

    Chocolate Frosting

    Vanilla Drizzle

    Rock Candy

    Lollipop Bits

    Candy Egg,Candy Egg,Candy Egg(Nutty Butter Cups in Other Holidays)


    Al Dente Cloveroni(Macaroni in Other Holidays)

    Zesty Pesto(Beefy Bologneese in Other Holidays)

    3x Broccoli(Onion in Other Holidays)

    3x Chicken

    3x Tomato

    Italian Seasoning

    Pepperoni Bread


    Donut 1:

    Blueberry Egg Cake with Blueberry Custard(Roll Cake in Other Holidays)

    Lavender Icing(Red Icing in Other Holidays)

    Pink Lemonade Drizzle(Caramel Drizzle in Other Holidays)

    Raspberry Bark


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  • Luvsomethings1440


    December 5, 2015 by Luvsomethings1440

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  • Dawn14

    New Project!

    December 4, 2015 by Dawn14

    For some reason, I get a burst of inspiration. I wanted to make new versions of the characters that sadly, didn't win the Customerpalooza, which many of you know, my character, Amber, and Shaira's character... Shaira, were in. So far, I have only made characters from KCP2013, and, I need your help! 93 characters is a lot! Here is what I have right now: 

    As you see, I still need: Thea, Lillyanna, Gordon, Marquis, Lizzy, Camille,  I kinda maybe forgot the rest...


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  • Dawn14


    December 3, 2015 by Dawn14

    Hi. I'm Dawn14, you can call me Dawniee. I am the head admin here, along with Azuki and Doremy. I have been here since December 14th, 2012, and this wikia, means everything to me. Our history, has proven that this very wikia, is very unstable. Many people have left us. Many have betrayed us. But through all of this, all of you, have stayed. I want to thank everyone here, who's still here to read this. I love you all. Because one of our head admins has left, I have taken it upon myself, to come back, reborn, redone, enlightened. Dawniee is now truly back, truly recovered, truly himself. I love all of you, and with your help, we could make this wiki, a better place to be, to live (online...), a better place, to be yourself.


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