Alyssa is a girl who is an expert at being awesome. Her best friends are Lauren.


and Julianna. Right now, she is having an awesomeness race with Daniel.

Burger: Bun, 3 medium patties, cheese, mustard, bun

Taco: Steak in a Hard Taco, jalapenos, cheese, loco sauce, black beans

Freezeria: Large Cup, Marshmallows, Rainbow sherbet syrup, whipped cream, butterscotch, tropical charms

Pancakeria: 3 pecan pancakes, strawberry(x2), Syrup, Large Milk with cocoa

Wingeria: 4 Wasabi shrimps left, 4 honey mustard strips right,  4 green peppers left, 4 green peppers right, blue cheese dip.

Hot Doggeria: pretzle bun, kielbasa, relish, wild onion sauce, pineapple relish, hot sauce. Small Dr,Cherry and Small Cheddar Corn.

She is very picky. 

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